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There is no side effects of this product ,it does not require the presence of any doctor or admission to the hospital, you can take this at home.

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Product Description

The laser is an energy. In Ayurveda or in Indian method of treatment it is understood that some 1000 years ago energy is life, till the time we have energy in our body we are active, when the energy is dissipated we die. This 1000 years principle is still believed in Ayurveda. Myself being an a Allophaty graduate and master of surgery. After thinking a lot about this I felt that, there should be a thing or a device, which can balance the energy or there should be some treatment or therapy who ever uses it the result should be the same So during the research, I met some Korean and Russian scientists .

These scientists for almost 25-30 years have been using these techniques and are still successfully using these techniques. Laser is an energy and when the rays are made conversant rays, means when these rays are brought to a common point, they can burn the particular thing, there is so much energy in these rays. When these are diverted to our body, photons are showered on are body, photons are energy packets, which are viable tissues or cells in our body they will absorb these photons and that is direct form of energy, which is given to tissues. There are many diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes the root cause of all disease is not organ failure but the blood which is there in our body, the dirt that accumulates in our blood is the root cause of all these diseases. By using the laser energy the blood that runs in our body, it cleans our body. The rays of laser when used on the blood cleans are blood. Left hand or right hand where the doctor checks the pulse at this place the blood, the blood is arterial blood, which flows at great pressure, even in the nose, where there is a cluster of blood veins we can safely use the irradiation technique. All disease such as diabetes, kidney problem etc are related to one and another. Ayurveda believes in the principle of removing the disease from the root itself only. Its is Ayurveda’s philosophy of removing the disease from the root cause. Viscosity in our blood or the dirt in our blood is the root cause of all diseases. Laser hemeotheraphy exactly works on the same principle of ayurveda’s principle of removing the disease from the blood itself. People who are perfectly healthy can use this technique, people often waits till the disease is detected they don not take precautionary measures. If once we get a heart attack, are full thinking stops and all are focus is on what the cardiologist says. If he tells us to eat medicine to decrease the viscosity of the blood, it fits into our mind. so we should take precautionary measures only so that we reach this stage and clean are blood from time to time. The person using this technique should first do preliminary check-ups, which is necessary. This is a unique technique. We have a patent of this research. There is no side effects of this product ,it does not require the presence of any doctor or admission to the hospital, you can take this at home. Second thing you need not take any medicine with this technique. So if in your family, there are parents or relatives who are suffering from blood pressure etc, with the MA-RUDRA LASER HEMOTHERAPY DEVICE we can treat all of them.

Suitable for Healthy People

Laser Hemotherapy is Highly Suitable For People Who Need to Handle Stress in Jobs (corporates,executives ,managers etc),

Who Need to Be Focused Like Drivers, Pilots

Who Need to Improve Activity of Brain Cells Like Students,

Who Need to Improve Stamina / Physical Endurance like Sports Persons.

Laser Hemotherapy Improves Oxygen Carrying Capacity of Blood So Brain ,Heart, Lungs , Muscles Improve The Performance

Laser Medium

GaA/ As Semiconductor

Laser Wavelength

An Designated

Terminal Laser Output

7 laser beams for wrist device and 1 nasal cavity laser beam

Laser Output Power < = 5 mw
Laser Operating Voltage 3.6 V
Input voltage of power for charging inbuilt batter 220V
Timing Range 15-60min, 4grades for adjustment
Environment temperature -20"C to 40"C
Relative Humidity < = 85%
Atmospheric Pressure 86kpa-106kpa
Power Source Use Lithium ion battery with the capacity of 1000 m Ah
Output frequency under pulse mode 0.5 Sec
Dimensions 26.4 X 18.5 X 8.0 mm