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Dr. Shailendra Patil

Laser Hemotherapy is a landmark in non invasive cardiology in India. Dr. Shailendra Patil started with a vision to help and treat patients and give them hope and courage to stay strong against a weak heart. After years of dedicated service and a large number of happy patients, Hriday Sanjivani stands tall, spreading its wings across the country.

we provide programes to control various diseases caused due to the garbage in blood. It has been proved that many diseases are due to increased viscocity of blood such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia (i .e. imbalance of various components of lipids in blood), heart diseases, vascular blockages, psoriasis, allergy, asthama, arthritis etc. Lasers of 650 nm wavelength are used at predetermined dosage to irradiate the flowing blood in our blood vessels from outside. Everyday for 30 minutes once or twice ,we give hemotherapy. The programme is designed for 21 days or 3/4 weeks depending on the physiological conditions. Patients come on OPD basis, no need for hospitalisation, no need of injections or medications during treatment. Very safe without any side effects. we teach the patient about controlling their diseases and lead a healthy life.

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  • We help clinicians provide the best care possible.
  • We are committed to helping everyone – rich, poor, old, young, near and far.
  • We enable families to develop and sustain healthy habits.
  • We support communities committed to staying healthy.
  • We deliver products that delight the customers we serve.
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